Monday, April 22, 2013

Tata Communications launches HD voice compatible voice network

USA & INDIA: Tata Communications has launched its international HD voice termination service.

The new service enables MNOs to route international HD calls via end-to-end IP, without transcoding, ensuring that HD customers calling HD-compatible destinations internationally will receive the full HD experience.

The launch will become the platform that enables a broad community of HD destinations as a result of Tata Communications’ network which is connected to 210 mobile network operators via IP voice interconnect. Twenty-six of these operators are HD-ready with 4 operators already in deployment for HD Voice on Tata Communications’ network.

HD voice service ensures that calls are clearer and background noise is significantly reduced, leading to longer calls and increased revenues for MNOs. HD voice will play a critical role in enabling MNOs to increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn on premium international calling and high-margin roaming.

The improved quality of HD voice simulates a sense of being in the same room during a telephone conversation; hence, users are likely to spend longer on calls. A better calling experience also gives mobile operators a competitive advantage over OTT providers in terms of quality of service.

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