Wednesday, April 17, 2013

APCON 40G options help enterprises streamline growing network traffic

USA: APCON, the industry leader in intelligent network monitoring and security support solutions, announced the release of its embedded switch software, which includes a new 40G inter-switch trunk solution to help enterprises support security and performance monitoring tools in the 40G network environment.

The increased surge of traffic driven big data presents challenges for enterprises to manage, monitor and analyze the large volume of information with their existing network monitoring tools and infrastructure. APCON is one of the only network monitoring aggregation providers offering 40G trunking today.

40G trunking enables companies to efficiently and effectively move much larger sets of data, in some cases the entire network, across a simple link. This can be used to expand the virtual capability and capacity of an aggregation switch.  Before 40G trunks, network operators would need to spend precious operational time, money and effort routing numerous 1G and 10G links to different aggregation switches and network analyzer tools in different locations.

APCON’s trunking solution combines 40G blades, ports and trunking.

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