Friday, October 31, 2014

Reverb Networks explains unique advantages of predictive SONs

STERLING, USA: Self-optimizing network specialist Reverb Networks has released new details of the speed, stability and customer experience benefits of their unique Predictive self-optimizing network solution.

Reverb Networks recently introduced Predictive SON, which moves self-optimizing networks forward to next generation pre-active capabilities.

But what are the advantages of P-SON? By “pre-acting” to network demands, Reverb’s SON system reduces OSS demands, increases stability, and increases customer experience.

Traditionally self-optimizing networks have been very weak at providing responses to network demands in real time. Predictive SON, in contrast, is able to “pre-act”, which means making adjustments before the expected load takes place. The capability is also referred to as “beyond real-time”.

Predictive SON allows networks to remain much more stable over a longer timeframe, rather than bouncing between one setting and another in reaction to events that have already occurred. One added advantage of this approach is that the OSS system is not overloaded by a large number of commands arriving in a very short space of time, a problem with many existing SON implementations.

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