Friday, October 24, 2014

UIC's NFC technology compatible with ApplePay

FREMONT, USA: UIC is pleased to announce that its existing NFC technology is compatible with Apple Pay. UIC's NFC payment readers are currently used in many industries including vending, laundry, EV charge, parking, petroleum, unattended, retail, QSR, mobile, aero service, and many others.

Those systems equipped with UIC's NFC technology can now accept payments from Apple Pay equipped iOS devices, without the need to upgrade hardware.

In addition to Apple Pay, UIC's NFC readers also currently support Visa payWave™, MasterCard PayPass™, American Express ExpressPay™ and Discover D-PAS™. UIC's PCI-PTS and EMV certified PIN Pads and terminals equipped with our NFC technology will also accept Apple Pay, taking advantage of UIC's long standing reputation of providing superior design and high quality products to the payment industry.

The UIC product portfolio for NFC readers also includes bezel payment systems and NFC modules for the OEM/ODM markets.

"Apple Pay combines a simple contactless payment technology with the existing security features of the Apple iOS devices to provide a mobile payment solution for the entire payment industry." – said Albert Li, GM of UIC. "UIC partners that currently support our NFC technology are in position to take advantage of the increase in NFC deployment, which some predict to reach 77 to 90 million within the next five years.

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