Monday, October 20, 2014

IDT Global and Elara bring voice and data connectivity to rural villages in Mexico

LONDON, ENGLAND: IDT Global, a leading supplier of wholesale voice and payment services to telecommunications providers around the world, and Elara Comunicaciones, a leading provider of telecommunication and technology services in Mexico, are launching an international calling app for customers in rural and remote villages in south-eastern Mexico. The app will make international phone calls simpler and less expensive.

Elara Comunicaciones is implementing IDT's VoiceLine app across its Wi-Fi network enabling international calling via the app on mobile devices. Elara's large scale satellite network, implemented through a government project in south-east Mexico, provides over 3000 towns with voice and data services. The network brings voice and data connectivity to citizens, schools, hospitals, and some other government institutions, in the region for the first time.

Maurice Soreque, Commercial director, Elara Comunicaciones said: "We are thrilled to further broaden our services in rural areas of Mexico. This new service is another fantastic step forward in the development of connectivity in the region. It will enable our customers to connect to friends, family and businesses across the globe cheaply and easily. With IDT, the app launch was seamless, quick and easy. IDT's partner approach enabled us to adapt its VoiceLine app to our own business needs. We are delighted to be working with IDT to bring better connectivity to the region."

IDT's white label VoiceLine application enables businesses to create new forms of revenue streams and gain new subscribers. The application comes with both unlimited and pay-as-you-go calling plans and works over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks, allowing customers to use their existing phone number and contacts. It also includes voicemail services and class 5 telephony features.

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