Monday, October 13, 2014

IDT highlights challenges carriers face in a hyperconnected world

LONDON, UK: Nick Ford, p\resident of Carrier Services at IDT Telecom, will present some key topics for those in the telecoms industry at this year’s Carriers World in London. Nick will discuss the benefits and challenges carriers face in a hyperconnected world and whether voice is still considered important in an ever changing digital world.

In Ford's talk he suggests that we are all living in a hyper connected world - people are constantly finding new ways of talking to each other as new over the top (OTT) apps appear in the market which give customers access to global conversations more easily and at cheaper rates. Hyperconnectivity will enable users to engage in voice conversation in a much more convenient way.

He comments that: “Although we live in this hyperconnected world, some things in the voice market will remain the same. Consumers will still want to make calls using technology that works and is reliable and cost effective, rather than what happens to be the latest whizz-bang breakthrough.”

Voice will remain one of the most important services an operator can offer in terms of revenue, customer demand and customer satisfaction – whether that traffic is measured in packets or megabytes.

“IDT is one of the world’s biggest voice carriers with 30 billion international minutes per year. We learnt that the market evolves and we have to evolve with it and the emerging ecosystems,” he commented.

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