Monday, October 6, 2014

Siklu takes street level connectivity beyond small cell backhaul

PETACH TIKVA, ISRAEL: Siklu has boosted the capabilities of its EtherHaul-600T flagship V-band system, best known for its small cell backhaul functionality.

The EtherHaul-600T is now ready to provide street level gigabit wireless connectivity to Wi-Fi access points, security devices, businesses, and residential complexes. The groundbreaking gigabit radio operates over the unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum, in uncongested and interference-free frequencies, and provides a low-cost street level solution.

Demand for high-capacity street level connectivity is expanding beyond the rapidly growing small cell backhaul market. Wi-Fi networks, security networks, business–to-business, and residential services also require future-proof gigabit capacity solutions, in order to minimize technician visits and to perform reliably in the long term.

The EtherHaul-600T combines gigabit throughput with easy installation and high reliability, and can be deployed on any type of street furniture, from lighting poles to traffic lights to building facades. Providing a future-proof long-term solution with a high ROI, it’s the ideal solution for many markets.

The EtherHaul-600T is FCC, IC (Industry Canada)*, ETSI, and CE approved. The product is widely available through Siklu distributors worldwide.

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