Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tango S.A. chooses Starhome Mach’s financial clearing solution

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND: Tango S.A. chose Starhome Mach’s Financial Clearing to deliver transparency and traceability. Starhome Mach is the global leader in mobile inter-carrier network and clearing services.

“Starhome Mach’s Financial Clearing provides complete transparency and control over the entire financial clearing process, which was not available in our previous clearing solution,” said Jose Rey de Mena, chief accountant at Tango S.A.

“The technology allows us to do things that we simply could not do previously such as drive and influence all stages of the financial clearing process online. Our business processes have been simplified and accounting accuracy is now optimized.”

Tango S.A. has complete control of its cash management process throughout the entire settlement cycle, while integration with Starhome Mach’s Business Management tool allows comprehensive drill down from a full summary to individual invoices and payments. Cross netting is provided seamlessly across periods to further optimize mobile operator cash flow.

Starhome Mach customers are the first in the mobile industry to have full visibility of the foreign exchange process, with transactions performed directly in their own bank accounts, clearly seeing actual rates and costs associated with the process.

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