Monday, October 13, 2014

S&C delivers end-to-end IoT service platform for telecom operators

SPAIN: Energy providers, city authorities and end users are looking to telecoms to offer smart solutions to solve complex problems.

“Telecoms are in the best position to propose suitable alternatives. That’s why operators across the globe have selected our technology to deliver new value-added services – from home & building automation to mobile security and safety to smart energy and water,” states Narcís Avellana, CEO and founder of S&C.

Telecoms seek the perfect go-to-market combination – a scalable, cost-effective IoT service platform, affordable hardware plus end-to-end support.

“We understand what it takes to successfully develop and deploy a new service. That’s why we have created strategic partnerships with technology providers throughout the value chain so we can deliver a complete package.”

Telecom partners across Europe, Asia and Latin America are leveraging S&C’s flexible enControl IoT service platform.

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