Friday, October 31, 2014

Reverb Networks explains unique advantages of predictive SONs

STERLING, USA: Self-optimizing network specialist Reverb Networks has released new details of the speed, stability and customer experience benefits of their unique Predictive self-optimizing network solution.

Reverb Networks recently introduced Predictive SON, which moves self-optimizing networks forward to next generation pre-active capabilities.

But what are the advantages of P-SON? By “pre-acting” to network demands, Reverb’s SON system reduces OSS demands, increases stability, and increases customer experience.

Traditionally self-optimizing networks have been very weak at providing responses to network demands in real time. Predictive SON, in contrast, is able to “pre-act”, which means making adjustments before the expected load takes place. The capability is also referred to as “beyond real-time”.

Predictive SON allows networks to remain much more stable over a longer timeframe, rather than bouncing between one setting and another in reaction to events that have already occurred. One added advantage of this approach is that the OSS system is not overloaded by a large number of commands arriving in a very short space of time, a problem with many existing SON implementations.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NAVITEL launches Navitel.Monitoring

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: NAVITEL, a leader in the navigation system market in the EMEA, offers a latest and technologically most advanced commercial solution in the field of transport telematics.

Navitel.Monitoring system allows you to determine exact coordinates of a motor vehicle online and to monitor the trajectory of its movement and other important parameters, such as the number of kilometres driven, the vehicle’s speed, its fuel consumption and the driving direction.

Main advantages of the monitoring system produced by NAVITEL:
* The most detailed map in the market, the vendor’s extensive experience in the field of cartography technologies.
* Integrated with Navitel Navigator, the most popular navigation system.
* Comfortable user interface, many useful functions and details for easier work with the system.
* Fault-free functioning of the system’s server.
* Technical support.
* Automatic update when a new version is released.

With Navitel.Monitoring, you can create detailed reports with more than twenty parameters for any object, save these reports for later analysis in the form of CSV, XLS and PDF files, monitor events in real time and log the findings in an event diary. The system allows you to create routes, check geographical zones while the vehicle is driving and set the messages to be sent via SMS or to an email addresses.

Furthermore, you can control the vehicle’s speed with the monitoring system and keep records of its real and nominal fuel consumption, as well as carry out many other tasks. The system presents all data in the form of handy and easy-to-understand graphs.

Alcatel-Lucent and MTN Nigeria to boost connectivity in Africa’s most populous nation

LAGOS, NIGERIA: Alcatel-Lucent is opening up Africa’s most populous nation to the benefits of ultra-broadband connectivity by launching a superfast, 100 gigabit-per-second fiber-optic network with MTN Nigeria, a subsidiary of Dubai-based MTN Group and the leading service provider in Africa.

MTN Nigeria, which covers more than almost 90 percent of Nigeria’s land mass, will deploy a 100G network that re-uses existing 10G optical assets thereby preserving MTN past investments while ensuring future proof and state of art solution.

Nigeria’s growing economy is fueling a proliferation of mobile subscribers, which number about 275 to every one landline in the country.  As a result, Nigeria has a significant need for reliable, mobile broadband access to support growing demand for bandwidth hungry services such as streaming video plus the ever-increasing need from enterprises for storage and data center connections. The new network also gives MTN the capacity and flexibility to offer wholesale services to other service providers in the region.

Huawei selects TEOCO to deliver capacity planning

FAIRFAX, USA & LEATHERHEAD, UK TEOCO, the leading provider of assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), has announced that its DIMENSION software will be used by Huawei to provide capacity planning to one of its customers in the Middle East.

Huawei is currently working with a leading operator group in the region to plan its capacity requirements, and to improve quality of service. Huawei will use DIMENSION as part of this project, and plans to use the software in similar capacity planning projects in the future.

DIMENSION enables operators to plan their entire logical and physical network capacity across each element, from radio access to backhaul and transport core in a multi-layer manner. Network planners can design a more efficient infrastructure by identifying bottlenecks before they happen, and then test scenarios to determine how the network will cope.

DIMENSION accurately models tens of thousands of network elements, across many different technologies and equipment from multiple vendors. It is a centralized system that can be accessed simultaneously by numerous network planners.

Huawei selected TEOCO’s DIMENSION software after a rigorous selection process. As the network consisted of 3 radio technologies (GSM, UMTS and LTE) and the backhaul and transport networks were a mixture of TDM and IP/ETH over microwave, leased lines and fiber, the solution needed to be able to plan for this multi-domain and multi-layered complexity.

MegaChips to begin sampling BlueChip wireless sub-GHz band wireless communication LSI

SAN JOSE, USA: MegaChips Corp. will begin sampling its sub-Ghz band BlueChip Wireless communication LSI (Model: MAB0100) LSI at the end of October and begin mass production volume shipping in January 2015.

Since the sub-GHz band has been opened up to Internet of Things (IoT) on a worldwide basis, the new LSI may be used in many countries including Japan, the United States, China, Europe and the Republic of Korea. MegaChips will provide customers with new IoT solutions in the domains of smart grid, home energy management, building energy management systems and others.

"The IoT market requirements for Machine to Machine (M2M)-related products are increasing and there is an urgent need to construct better communication networks," said Akira Takata, president and CEO at MegaChips. "Our innovative BlueChip Wireless LSI meets this demand and provides our customers with devices that provide greater communications distance with lower power consumption."

On July 25, 2012, the 920 MHz radio band was allocated in Japan as an industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band, in addition to the 2.4 GHz band, and was widely available. The sub-GHz band used by the BlueChip Wireless chip provides a longer communication range and higher diffraction properties compared to the 2.4 GHz band and enables communication that bypasses obstacles. Additionally as a newly allocated frequency band, it is not congested with communication traffic.

MegaChips has developed numerous applications that make use of a variety of different sensors. Its extensive expertise in data acquisition from different sensors and in lighting and air conditioning control is incorporated into many different applications. The release of this new product enables the company to offer communication solutions as well.

To support customer development, MegaChips will provide an evaluation kit consisting of a hardware platform as well as a software development kit and a communication performance verification tool. This will allow customers to immediately carry out evaluation and development according to their specific applications. The BlueChip Wireless LSI will be offered as a standalone chip as well as in wireless modules by the company's module vendor.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Reverb Networks expands South American presence

STERLING, USA: Self-optimizing network specialist Reverb Networks has announced establishment of a broader footprint in South America, signing a local partnership in support of ongoing SON projects in countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.

Following on rapidly from the announcement of a nationwide SON deployment in Canada, Reverb’s expansion of self-optimizing network partners in South America sees the company cement a strong position across both major American continents.

“We are very happy to see the strong interest in Reverb’s self-optimizing network solutions in the South American market, and the partnership we have signed with one of the fastest-growing providers of network planning and optimization services in Latin America helps Reverb to extend in a professional and technically excellent manner,” said Zoran Kehler, CEO of Reverb Networks.

“Reverb’s self-optimizing networks have proven themselves in large deployments, and the mix of reliability, experience and advanced features such as Predictive SON are proving to be real winners with mobile operators.”

Reverb’s unique Predictive SON capability is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to bring stability and beyond real-time reactivity to a heavily-loaded network. By pre-acting to network demands, Reverb’s SON system reduces OSS demands, increases stability, and increases customer experience.

CounterPath signs agreement with ProVu

LONDON, UK & VANCOUVER, CANADA: CounterPath Corp. announced a distribution agreement with ProVu Communications, a leading Value Added Distributor (VAD) in the UK.

With a previous solutions portfolio focused on VoIP hardware, ProVu has selected CounterPath’s industry-leading Bria softphone clients and Stretto Platform to enable resellers and hosted service providers across the UK to meet the increasing demand for Enterprise OTT unified communications.

Worldwide revenue of enterprise UC applications saw an increase of 31% in 2013(1), presenting a significant opportunity for vendors in the industry.
However, with this opportunity comes the challenge of equipping enterprises with solutions that overcome the licensing, deployment and client management hurdles that arise with the deployment of unified communications, while meeting security standards and bringing consumer functionality into the enterprise.

CounterPath’s Bria UC clients and Stretto Platform enable the rapid build and deployment of flexible enterprise UC solutions which not only empower enterprises to easily manage and configure their UC clients, but offer an unmatched user experience for both IT professionals and end users.

By fully mobilizing voice, video, presence and messaging services, CounterPath Enterprise OTT solutions effectively put the enterprise PBX in users’ pockets.