Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sixty percent of British smartphone users unhappy with mobile data speeds

ENGLAND: A new survey has found that mobile data speeds aren’t meeting modern day requirements with 60 percent of respondents claiming to be unhappy with their smartphone's mobile internet connection.

The independent survey, commissioned by TigerMobiles.com, queried 4300 users who have purchased a 3G or 4G ready contract in the last 12 months with at least 1GB of monthly data allowance.

Carried out as part of on-going research into consumers’ expectations and experience of mobile phones the survey reveals that mobile data expectations are not being met with the majority of users experiencing slow or unreliable performance on a regular basis.

Key survey findings include:
• 60 percent of respondents are overall dissatisfied with the data speed on their smartphone.

• 82 percent of users expect websites to load as quickly on their smartphone as they do via fixed line broadband.

• However, over half (56 percent) said websites load more slowly on their smartphone.

• 82 percent of those surveyed had a problem trying to load a website over a data connection in the last year, whilst 79 percent had difficulty using apps that require a data connection to function properly.

• 85 percent revealed they would access websites more often from their phone via mobile data if the experience was as fast and reliable.

• 62 percent think faster mobile data would allow them to get more use out of their smartphone.

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