Wednesday, October 1, 2014

XOLO launches Q2100 with fingerprint sensor at Rs. 13,499

NEW DELHI, INDIA: XOLO, the premium smart devices brand, announced the launch of Q2100 with fingerprint sensor, taking smartphone access and security to the next level.

Smartphone is the most personal device and stores all kinds of data, such as passwords, pictures, credit card numbers etc. for easy and quick access. However, most of the users use 4 digit PIN code or password pattern to unlock the device which may be easily violated if not changed frequently.

To safeguard the personal data and to ensure that data is accessed only by the user, XOLO Q2100 comes loaded with fingerprint sensor. The device offers advantage over regular patterns locks as only the owner can access the device and one simply cannot forget the fingerprint.

The built-in fingerprint sensor in XOLO Q2100 is located on the top back of the device and allows users to unlock the screen and quickly access the device at the swipe of the finger. Maximum 3 fingers can be enrolled and successfully decoded as a part of this authentication process.

Adding to the convenience, the fingerprint sensor in Q2100 is also integrated with LastPass - the password manager app. Users will now be able to access LastPass app with a swipe of their finger, access the app with the fingerprint sensor and reach all your accounts securely. No more hassle to remember multiple passwords.

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