Friday, January 11, 2013

DECT Forum: Fourth successful ULE interoperability test event

SWITZERLAND: The DECT Forum, the international association of the wireless home and enterprise communication industry, is pleased to report the success of the fourth ULE Interoperability (IOP) test event (December 12-13, 2012), which was hosted by RTX, a full member of the DECT Forum.

The ULE interoperability test event, with three participating companies – Dialog Semiconductor, DSP Group and RTX – proved to be very useful for verifying the implementations again the latest specification. The solutions composed of different ULE chipsets from different vendors as well as different ULE stack implementations.

Most of the features of Phase One of the ULE Transport Layer have been tested successfully during the IOP, in additional to successful regression tests. Among many other features the IOP covered Access Control features, Key Exchange Mechanisms for security, service call and paging features.

“This IOP was an important milestone in getting ETSI draft stable and in preparation for specification freeze at the end of January 2013”, says Jochen Kilian, chairman of the Technical team of the ULE Working Group within the DECT Forum.

“The fourth successful IOP before the actual release of the standard shows a remarkable progress in the development and standardization process. The decision to execute IOP events with key industry players long before the standard is released enables increasing the speed of the standardization process significantly and will ensure devices interoperability nearly from day one after the standard is released in March 2013.”

“The DECT Forum appreciates the success of the fourth ULE interoperability test. This is a tremendous step forward to the goal set by the ULE Working Group to present a stable draft at the DECT World Conference 2013 in Barcelona and to announce the ULE ETSI standard’s availability by end of Q1 2013 latest,” says Andreas Zipp, chairman of the DECT Forum.

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