Tuesday, January 8, 2013

LiveViewGPS transforms cell phone into location device

USA: LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, government and individuals, is unveiling the world’s first prepaid Mobile Phone Locate Card in Booth #75015 in the Eureka Park area at the International CES Show here this week.

The card allows users to transform a cell phone into a 24-hour safety location device for families and businesses without having to buy a $100 locator or expensive apps.

Mobile Phone Locate capitalizes on the state-of-the-art location technology already built into cell phones to instantly locate single or multiple phones, explained George Karonis, LiveViewGPS CEO. It uses both Assisted GPS and cell network data to ensure fast, accurate locates for discreet monitoring when and where it’s needed.

Because location accuracy is dependent on a variety of criteria such as cell phone reception, GPS settings, environmental conditions and more, results can vary from a few feet to several thousand feet.

Here’s how it works: Purchase a prepaid LiveViewGPS Mobile Phone Locate card either online or at a retail store. After signing up at mobilephonelocate[dot]com, users select a locate plan and register the phone(s) they want to locate. An SMS text is sent to the target phone(s) requesting a reply.

Once the phone user(s) opt in, the Mobile Phone Locater service is immediately activated. With a single click the target phone’s location is displayed on a high-resolution graphic or satellite view map. There is no software to install, no battery draining app to download, no expensive devices to buy and no contract to sign.

The Mobile Phone Locate service is approved for use and works with Tier 1 carriers in North America including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, Verizon, Boost Mobile and TracFone in the United States; and Rogers and Telus in Canada. More carriers and countries will be added as they become available.

“For businesses, keeping track of a mobile workforce is easier than ever,” Karonis added. “Mobile Phone Locate is a cost-effective, in-the-field management solution that's fast, easy and reliable. It offers value-driven, on demand mobile location services businesses can trust. Deployment is easy across one or 1000 phones, with no additional hardware to purchase or battery draining apps to install.”

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