Friday, January 11, 2013

Bharti Airtel launches first sustainability report for India operations

INDIA: Bharti Airtel has launched its first Sustainability Report for its India operations. The report also touches upon the company’s sustainability initiatives in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Africa.

While India continues to progress and is currently one of the world’s fastest developing economies, the ever increasing population of the country is putting tremendous pressure on its current available resources. This calls for proactive measures towards sustainable development – a path that can be led by corporate, adopting business models and product innovations that contribute towards building an inclusive society and drive environmental conservation.

Based on this theory, Airtel’s Sustainability Report 2011-2012 provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s approach, initiatives and future plans across social and environmental development including energy and climate change, waste management, customer service, digital inclusion and community engagement.

Airtel’s Sustainability Report 2011-2012 also introduces the company’s blueprint on ‘Social Inclusion’ - a cornerstone of its sustainability programme. Through this blueprint, the company aims to leverage its wide network and distribution, accessibility, affordable services and ability to manage scale to digitally enable financial, education, health and other services for the masses.

The company has been constantly working along with its partners to reduce Green House Gas emission in its operations. The report discloses an 11 percent reduction in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions per terabyte in network infrastructure in 2011-12. The company has also been able to save around 20 million KWh of energy through its facilities consolidation and data centre energy efficiency initiatives undertaken so far.Bharti Airtel launches first sustainability report for India operations.

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