Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NextiraOne Poland to build multimedia communications system for police in Podkarpackie region

POLAND: NextiraOne, Europe’s leading communications experts, has announced the signing of the agreement with the Regional Police Headquarters in Rzeszów to build an IP telephony and multimedia information system, which will include connecting 24 police stations in Podkarpackie.

The project, which will replace the traditional telephony system, will be co-financed from EU funds raised by the Regional Police Headquarters in Rzeszów.

Under the agreement, the project is for the "Construction of a communications system for voice, data and video information as well as alarm systems in Podkarpackie police stations and equipment for regional network management centres."

It will include the design, supply and implementation of IP telephony systems and a network of information kiosks and multimedia monitors in police stations in Podkarpackie. This innovative communications system will be developed in close collaboration between NextiraOne experts and the staff of the Communications and Information Technology Department of the Police HQ in Rzeszów, which created the overall project investment. This system will be the most extensive IP telephony system in the Polish Police service so far.

NextiraOne experts, working in cooperation with ZETO Rzeszów, have built a Cisco-based end-to-end IP telephony system in the regional police headquarters, city police stations and in the district offices in Podkarpackie region. The system will be based on a call-processing server cluster at four locations in the cities of Rzeszów, Tarnobrzeg, Przemysl and Krosno.

Each cluster will manage phone calls, IP phones, VoIP gateways and servers handling voice services in the subordinate counties. The whole implementation covers the operation of IP phones, switches, the local area network, video telephony, servers, voice messages and central phonebook applications.

Within the same project, NextiraOne will also implement a network of info kiosks that will allow access to information concerning the activities of the Police, including access to information on tenders and job vacancies. Shown on large multimedia monitors, the display will provide visitors with efficient information about current events and - through access to selected RSS feeds – will also generate threat alerts, weather conditions, traffic information, amongst others.

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