Friday, April 5, 2013

Global mobile security market to reach $3.49 billion in 2013

ENGLAND: Visiongain's latest report Global Mobile Security (mSecurity) Market 2013-2018 indicates that the total value of the global mobile security (mSecurity) market revenues will reach $3.49 billion in 2013, mainly due to the influx of low cost smart mobile devices driving adoption rates which in turn will drive the mobile services market, including mobile security and management applications.

Although mobile threats represent a currently small and insignificant percentage of total malware, their evolution is all too similar to internet-based threats. The astonishing growth of mobile malware in the past 2 years will only continue in the coming years, as evermore people adopt smart devices. This increasing adoption and the roll-out of 4G networks in many regions will amplify the availability of mobile broadband and parallel services such as mobile commerce, mobile payments, mobile banking, access to cloud services, video streaming and content download.

Such services will only serve to further add value to mobile devices. This will be compounded by future convergence, as services, applications and networks migrate to an internet protocol platform. There is no doubt that mobile devices will be targeted by cybercriminals looking for vulnerabilities to exploit, and this will only intensify over the coming years.

The visiongain author of the Global Mobile Security (mSecurity) Market 2013-2018 report commented that 'Visiongain projects substantial growth over the next decade in security solutions catering to the mobile landscape, including encryption, biometrics, antivirus software, filtering technology and virtual private networks among others. In parallel, comprehensive service will be offered at the organisational level, such as device and identity management as well as security as a service.'

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