Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reliance Communications partners with Twitter in India

INDIA: Reliance Communications has announced a partnership with Twitter in India to launch a first of its kind bundled prepaid plan ‘Reliance Twitter Access Pack’ for all Reliance GSM subscribers in the country.

Through this partnership, Reliance Communications becomes the first telecom operator in the country to partner with Twitter in India on the new ‘Twitter Access’ program. Reliance GSM prepaid customers across the country can now follow friends, family, news, cricket, entertainment and all their interests with unlimited Twitter access without paying any extra data consumption charges.

Reliance GSM prepaid subscribers can now receive live updates and express their reactions on every ball bowled through their tweets during this T20 cricketing season with unlimited Twitter access across the country.

‘Reliance Twitter Access Pack’ is a promotional offer for a period of 90 days during this T20 cricketing season, which comes bundled for all new Reliance GSM prepaid subscribers with unlimited Twitter access without paying any extra data consumption charges. Subscribers may connect to “Twitter Access” by simply visiting twitter.com or mobile.twitter.com on their Reliance GSM prepaid device.

As part of the new “Twitter Access” program, Twitter has customized the Twitter app wherein, every customer who has subscribed the ‘Reliance Twitter Access Pack’ will be able to view a message on the header and footer of the app mentioning Twitter is free of charge with Reliance Mobile. This Twitter app will pop up a message of additional data consumption charges only if any Reliance GSM prepaid subscriber chooses to visit an external link while browsing updates on Twitter.

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