Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nakina Systems and Alcatel-Lucent announce Turk Telekom deployment

CANADA: Nakina Systems, the leading provider of carrier grade management and network integrity solutions, has announced that, along with our partner, Alcatel-Lucent, Nakina’s NI-Collector product has been customized and deployed for Türk Telekom’s IP/MPLS network.

NI-Collector is in service and reconciliation is executing in Türk Telekom’s live network according to the staged plan.

Nakina’s NI-Collector provides discovery of all physical, logical and services within the IP/MPLS network. The powerful reconciliation engine distributes and corrects this information against key OSS systems within Turk Telekom’s management domain, helping streamline service delivery and identifying process errors.

Sabri Alyakut of Turk Telekom said: “Achieving this milestone is critical to Turk Telekom’s commitment to its customers for accuracy and prompt service delivery. Nakina’s NI-Collector is an important part of our overall OSS architecture ensuring the actual network configuration is properly reflected in other key OSS systems.

"Reconciliation process is still going on in cooperation of Türk Telekom, Alcatel Lucent and Nakina. This stage is extremely important to gain the real output of the project to satisfy the business requirements and achieve the business goals. We are now moving on to further deployments and expanding the footprint of this solution across other deployed technologies.”

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