Monday, April 29, 2013

Easynet first out of the blocks with fast fourth generation access

ENGLAND: For the first time in the UK, businesses can order and experience 4G in as little as two days, as Easynet Global Services launches Rapid Deployment 4G, which fuses the immense power of fourth generation mobility with the speed of rapid provision.

Another industry first from Easynet, Rapid Deployment 4G is an enhancement to its range of Rapid Deployment access services, which can quickly connect customers or provide network back-up to their corporate MPLS networks using either DSL, 3G and now 4G access wherever they are located.

To gain a competitive edge in their markets and outperform rivals, businesses must respond quickly to change. An organisation’s communications infrastructure drives its ability to react swiftly and take advantage of opportunities. Often restrictive and a barrier to change, long installation times and complex order processes for telecoms service can hold back a dynamic business and have a stranglehold on progress.

Rapid Deployment 4G addresses these challenges head-on, with high priority service delivery, fast installation and Easynet’s stringent Service Level Agreement, SLA 3.0, which includes guarantees on both provisioning lead time and time to fix.

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