Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Openwave Messaging joins Open Mobile Alliance to help advance mobile messaging

USA: Openwave Messaging, Inc., a leading global provider of innovative messaging software solutions, has joined the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), the leading industry forum for developing market driven, interoperable mobile service enablers.

As an Associate Member of the Open Mobile Alliance, the Company will participate in the technical work of the OMA, contribute to technical work items relating to IP based messaging initiatives, and have the opportunity to lead working groups.

OMA was formed in June 2002 by the world’s leading mobile operators, device and network suppliers, information technology companies and content and service providers. OMA is the focal point for the development of mobile service enabler specifications, which support the creation of interoperable end-to-end mobile services.

OMA drives service enabler architectures and open enabler interfaces that are independent of the underlying wireless platforms. Over the years, OMA has delivered over 200 successful enabler specifications for topics spanning messaging, device management, location-based services, augmented reality, federated mobile social networks and network APIs, among others.

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