Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reliance Globalcom integrates Hawk cable system with Reliance Globalcom network.

INDIA: Reliance Globalcom, the leading global provider of international wholesale telecom services with a presence in high growth emerging and developed markets covering US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, announced the activation of its Hawk submarine cable system in Egypt and seamless integration with the Reliance Globalcom Network.

The integration of the Hawk submarine cable system with the Reliance Global Network will enable additional capacity of 20 terabits in the Mediterranean region and will enable Falcon to carry the same capacity between Europe and India as well as between Europe and Middle East.

The integration of Hawk will enhance the capability of carrying 5 Mn HD quality interactive video channels simultaneously, immensely benefiting the broadband users in India and Middle East as it will serve 2.4 billion people in the region connected on the Reliance network.

The Hawk cable system that was built by Reliance Globalcom last fiscal to initially set up the world’s first Mediterranean Gateway and Hub at Cyprus has demonstrated its strong resilience as it carried 180 Gbps of data during the cable cut off Egypt and India recently.

Hawk has been designed with two routes – one express route connecting Marseille in France and Alexandria in Egypt and another local route, with a spur to Yeroskipos in Cyprus meant for establishing a low latency, high-speed diverse alternate route on the Europe - Middle East segment, complementing Reliance Globalcom’s Falcon and FEA cable systems.

“We are delighted with the seamless integration of the Hawk submarine cable system with Reliance Global Network offering our customers greater choice, flexibility and diversity, with improved performance, on this critical route. Our existing customer base of over 37000 corporates in India and over 1400 corporates in Europe and USA, along with over 200 carrier customers will immensely benefit from this lowest latency network between India, Middle East, Europe and USA ,” said Punit Garg, president and CEO, Reliance Globalcom.

“Hawk integration is In line with our commitment to address the increasing demand for bandwidth intensive applications and it will immensely benefit billions of users in India and Middle East connected on Reliance network.”

Hawk was initially launched on the Marseille-Cyprus segment to provide adequate bandwidth for local service providers who were concentrating on meeting high speed connectivity needs of emerging broadband internet users in Cyprus. Hawk was further extended to Europe and the US, which are major internet content and connectivity hubs, by building a new terrestrial ring connecting London, Paris and Frankfurt and integrating it with Reliance Globalcom’s FA-1 cable system in the Trans-Atlantic region.

Now by interconnecting with Reliance Globalcom’s cable system in Egypt, Hawk creates novel opportunities for carriers in the Middle East and India to cater to growing customer requirements for high-speed, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Hawk is the only cable system in the Mediterranean region which is fully owned and managed by a single service provider, ensuring hassle free service delivery and assurance.

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