Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Redpine Signals rolls out industry's first 5 GHz CCX certified Wi-Fi RTLS tag and location system

RFID Journal Live! USA: Redpine Signals Inc., a leading developer of ultra-low-power and high-performance multi-standard wireless chipsets and systems, announced the availability of a comprehensive set of RTLS hardware and system components that include the industry's first 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual band Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) certified RTLS tag – the WiSeMote WM1-50 device.

The company also extended its Cloud-based Location as a Service (CLaaS) offerings by adding SuperMote and NetworkMote.

The complete RTLS solution from Redpine Signals includes a location engine that provides accurate locationing in beaconing, associated and CCX mode of operation. With Redpine Signal's proprietary algorithms and its SuperMote augmentation devices, the RTLS solution enables unsurpassed locationing accuracy in diverse environments.

The WiSeMote tag family provides two-way messaging, with simultaneous multi-mode capability. They can also work with standard off-the-shelf access points for locationing through their associated mode of operation. Unique to these tags in this mode is the ability to work in Wi-Fi infrastructures with enterprise security using built-in 802.1X capability.

This will pave the way for application in hospitals, industrial setups, and enterprise environments with the same level of secure authentication as other Wi-Fi devices deployed. The WiSeMote tags also can wake up from a sleep state to an active, beaconing state spending less energy than any other Wi-Fi tag available in the market today.

Redpine Signal's SuperMote and NetworkMote devices allow creation of a Wi-Fi RTLS infrastructure even in environments with limited or no previous Wi-Fi deployment at vastly reduced cost than installing a standard Wi-Fi infrastructure first.

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