Monday, April 22, 2013

Reliance Globalcom delivers first circuit to Mobily on newly launched Hawk cable system

INDIA: Reliance Globalcom, a leading global provider of managed network and communication services for multinational enterprises and carriers announced that Mobily, a leading mobile communications and technology provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is its first customer to be activated on the newly launched Hawk submarine cable system in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mobily had signed a 15 year IRU agreement with Reliance Globalcom, for purchase of multiple 10Gs of international bandwidth capacity, connecting Saudi Arabia to Europe and the United States. Reliance Globalcom last week activated its Hawk submarine cable system in Egypt and seamlessly integrated it with the Reliance Global Network, to enable an additional capacity of 20 Tbps in the Mediterranean region.

Using the newly activated Hawk cable system, Reliance delivered capacity for Mobily’s bandwidth requirements between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Europe.

The 4-fiber pair submarine Hawk cable system, built by Reliance Globalcom last fiscal to initially set up the world’s first Mediterranean Gateway and Hub at Cyprus, has demonstrated its strong resilience as it carried 180 Gbps of data during the recent cable cut off Egypt and India.

Hawk has been designed with two routes – one express route connecting Marseille in France and Alexandria in Egypt and another local route, with a spur to Yeroskipos in Cyprus meant for establishing a low latency, high-speed diverse alternate route on the Europe - Middle East segment, complementing Reliance Globalcom’s Falcon and FEA cable systems.

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