Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ricoh Innovations launches Ocutag mobile visual search platform from India

USA: Ricoh Innovations Corp., a Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of Ricoh Co. Ltd that develops innovative technologies and creates new businesses for Ricoh, announced the launch of the Ocutag  mobile visual search platform, the first product from its newly formed Visual Services and Solutions Business Unit.

The first implementation for this technology has been done with Disney UTV Digital’s new smartphone app in India.

Disney UTV Digital has launched its “UTV Stars” mobile app for smartphones powered with the Ocutag platform. The Augmented Reality feature called Snap Search connects users to their favorite Bollywood stars and allows them to click a snap of a movie poster to provide easy access to customized content like movie trailers, behind the scenes videos, Tweets, pictures and more.

When powered by the Ocutag platform, mobile apps connect users with a variety of related digital media through the simple capture of an image, for easy access to customized multimedia content and other services. The Ocutag platform improves companies’ ability to engage their customers by presenting targeted, highly customizable, actionable information.

Any image, including those on TV screens, posters, magazines, catalogs and product packaging, can connect users to digital marketing content such as text, video, purchase options and access to social networks.

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