Friday, April 26, 2013

GL announces traffic generation for analog, TDM, IP, and wireless networks

INDIA: GL Communications Inc. announced its latest testing tool traffic generation software for analog, TDM, IP and wireless metworks.

Vijay Kulkarni, CEO, said: "As traffic intensity increases, network elements (including switches and transmission) can impart various impairments such as errors, excessive delay, congestion, blocking, loss, and degraded quality. Simulating traffic can be valuable to characterize the impairment as a function of traffic intensity and traffic type (e.g. voice, fax, data, video).

GL's Protocol Emulator platform MAPS (Message Automation and Protocol Simulation) performs signaling and traffic generation for a vast array of communication protocols covering IP, analog, TDM, and wireless networks.

Examples include testing legacy networks (which use conventional signaling such as CAS, SS7, ISDN..), newer generation IP networks (using SIP, MGCP, MEGACO, SIGTRAN, Diameter), and wireless networks (using GSM, GPRS, UMTS, and LTE)."

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