Thursday, May 30, 2013

Liquid Telecom selects Telarix SAAS solution for voice traffic management

AUSTRIA: Liquid Telecom has selected the SaaS version of Telarix’s popular iXTools platform, as well as the industry’s only business-to-business exchange service iXLink, to help automate the management of its fast-growing international voice traffic operation.

Liquid Telecom supplies wholesale fibre optic, satellite, and connectivity services in Africa. It has built Africa’s largest single fibre network spanning over 13,000 kilometres and running from the north of Uganda to Cape Town on a single thread. Its customers include Africa’s largest mobile network operators, ISPs, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa.

Telarix’s iXTools SaaS is a fully hosted and managed interconnect business optimization and settlement service that enables service providers to reduce costs and increase profitability across their interconnect networks.

Telarix’s iXLink, a business exchange with over 3,300 carriers electronically exchanging over 40,000 documents monthly, provides real-time insight, stopping revenue leakage and allowing profit management. Liquid Telecom joins Telarix’s growing customer base from continents all over the world.

Telarix, through iXTools and iXLink, will provide Liquid Telecom a real-time view of voice traffic on its network, enabling Liquid to ensure that its customers continue to receive the highest quality voice service with accurate billing across different countries.

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