Friday, May 24, 2013

ATeam Scientific’s helps ADLINK develop high-speed transmission telecom and media servers

TAIWAN: ATeam Scientific digital solution team successfully helps ADLINK develop world-class telecom and media servers for USB 3.0, PCI-e G3, SATA G3, 10GBaseT, DisplayPort, SFP+, HDMI through the digital lab pre-compliance test capacity, technical consultation team and digital test instruments.

ADLINK is a global company delivering high performance and quality products ahead of competitive offerings. ADLINK is dedicated to innovation and investment in new technologies on AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, PXI Express and AXIe and received numerous international certificates from ISO, TL9000 and Taiwan Excellence Award.

Chief director of R&D Center of ADLINK, Alex Lee said: "ADLINK puts quality high on the top. We carefully select the test and measurement partner to co-work with as we look for world-class performance instruments as well as a first-rate sales and technical service team. We are satisfied and think highly of ATeam digital lab and technical solution team’s professional and timely consultation services throughout the high-speed transmission interface product development process."

Paul Yang, CEO of Infinet Group (ATeam Scientific is a subsidiary of Infinet Group), said: "We capture the trend of high-speed data, voice and video transmission interface test demand in the rapidly changing market and many customers show positive feedbacks to our efforts and investment. Infinet Group has heavily invested and will continue to invest in high speed digital test solutions, including expanding the engineering team, enhancing the bandwidth of leading-edge test instruments, and increasing solution offerings.

"Earlier this month, Infinet Group added Wilder Technologies high-performance test fixtures into our product offerings. We are glad to work with our long-term superior customer-ADLINK-to timely and efficiently develop the new generation digital and communications products. Meanwhile, we are also pleased to share our views and experiences of building up and managing a quality and professional high-speed digital laboratory with our partners. Our goal is to create best values for our customers and partners."

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