Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cephasonics unveils next-gen wireless-imaging technology

USA: Cephasonics, a technology-innovation leader with a game-changing embedded-ultrasound platform, introduced the cQuest Ultrasound SDK Client/Server Toolkit that allows complete network-based communications with all cQuest Ultrasound hardware platforms.

Cephasonics will demonstrate its latest embedded-ultrasound technology, including this new capability, at Hospitalar 2013 held in Sao Paulo, Brazil from May 21-24.  Cephasonics is located in the US Medical Trade Mission in Green Hall, aisle O, booth 50/58.

The Client/Server Toolkit provides full compatibility with the current cQuest Ultrasound SDK core API set, allowing for easy porting and migration to the client/server-programming model.

Ultrasound applications developed with the new toolkit no longer need to run adjacent to the underlying cQuest Ultrasound hardware.  Additionally, the client API set is platform- and operating system-independent and includes ports for Java, Microsoft .NET (C#), Python and C++ and availability on Windows 7/8, Mac OS X and Linux.

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