Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oberthur's dragonFly NFC SIM card certified by MasterCard and Visa

FRANCE: Oberthur Technologies, one of the world’s largest providers of security and identification solutions and services based on smart card technologies, has obtained certifications from MasterCard and Visa, two of the largest global payment networks, for its dragonFly NFC SIM card.

Oberthur Technologies’ NFC SIM cards are available in all form factors including 2FF, 3FF, 4FF, and SMD¹, and are compatible with all networks 2G, 3G and 4G. Through MasterCard and Visa’s certifications, Oberthur Technologies is able to provide flexibility for payment scheme users and enhance security for payment transactions.

Oberthur Technologies gained recognition for the high security levels of its NFC SIM cards, when it was the first to receive the EAL4+ certification and is today the sole card vendor to offer a built-in anti-virus. With the MasterCard and Visa certifications, Oberthur Technologies reinforces its position worldwide, in the field of secure mobile banking.

This latest generation of Oberthur Technologies’ NFC SIM card, dragonFly, is fast, convenient and secure. As the fastest card on the market, it offers speedy download of new services and files through an integrated “NFC Turbo Engine”, based on a hardware accelerator and software optimisation. This dramatically reduces the time a transaction takes to run; transport access validation or transport ticketing transactions are granted faster than with any other SIM card.

The dragonFly NFC SIM card is also the most secure with its integrated anti-virus; if attacked, it isolates the malware, preventing the corrupted application from interacting with any other application containing stored sensitive data. Finally, its convenience stems from the wide variety of applications it offers: transport, identification, access control, loyalty and payment. In the field of payment, Oberthur Technologies demonstrates a true competitive advantage by offering MasterCard and Visa certified NFC SIM cards.

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