Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Movius and Monaco Telecom to present European cloud solution To telecos of small states

USA: Movius Interactive Corp. and Monaco Telecom will partner up to present the Movius European CAFÉ Cloud solution at the upcoming Telecom Operators of Small States (TOSS) event on 16-17 May in the Faroe Islands.

Recently launched into operation the CAFÉ cloud solution allows multiple applications to be deployed remotely and quickly, with the hosted cloud service allowing small operators and service providers to save on operational and maintenance costs.

Monaco Telecom, a member of the TOSS forum, hosts the CAFÉ platform created by Movius, which is a global leader in solution enablement for service providers. The solution allows other European service providers to utilize the CAFÉ platform, and roll it out to their end users.

Martin Péronnet, CEO of Monaco Telecom, said: “With the CAFÉ Cloud solution small operators will have access to services and applications, and the ability to launch them, in a way they never have before. They will be armed with the go-to-market speed and flexibility to keep contending in the market place and deliver the cutting-edge services that their customers are looking for.”

At its core CAFÉ can deliver converged messaging solutions such as Visual Voicemail, conferencing services (audio, web and video) and virtual communications such as the myIdentities application which separates, controls and protects multiple personas on the same device.

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