Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EdgeConneX to deploy extensive small cell network solution throughout State of Vermont

USA: EdgeConneX, a leading provider of Infrastructure as a Service solutions, announced that it has been selected to deploy an initial small cellular network for CoverageCo, a provider of carrier and technology neutral cellular coverage services to underserved markets.

Funded in part by the Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) through an award to CoverageCo, the Small Cell network solution extends wireless coverage throughout the state of Vermont.

Until today, Small Cell networks have been noted as a key communication solution platform, but seldom deployed on a broad scale due to the lack of expertise and uncharted process to identify sites and work with municipalities to obtain proper permits for installation.

CoverageCo selected EdgeConneX as its Small Cell deployment and maintenance provider due to their experience and leadership in spearheading the process while effectively solving problems that traditional RF solutions failed to resolve.

EdgeConneX’s unique business and technical solution expertise ensures that carriers’ Small Cell network deployments achieve their desired Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) objectives. The outdoor Small Cell solution does not require new tower infrastructure and can be deployed without any disruption to a community’s day-to-day operations.

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