Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ooredoo launches first live IPX+ enabled network in the Middle East with Tata

USA & INDIA: Tata Communications announced that Ooredoo , Qatar, formerly known as Qtel, has launched the first  IPX+ enabled network in the Middle East using Tata Communications’ IPX+ platform.

The implementation enables Ooredoo to capitalise on the latest technology innovations in mobile broadband service delivery and management.

Ooredoo, Qatar has initially launched voice over IPX+ as the first application, gaining access to Tata Communications’ broad community of IPX+ connected mobile destinations, and plans to consolidate its entire network to an IP-based backbone.

Thanks to the scalability of Tata Communications’ IPX+ platform, Ooredoo is able to rapidly support a full suite of services such as signalling, data roaming (GRX and IPX) and LTE Roaming.

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