Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IEEE celebrates Ethernet's 40th anniversary

USA:  IEEE celebrated Ethernet’s 40th anniversary. IEEE 802.3 “Standard for Ethernet” and the varied technologies, applications and networks that the family of standards helps enable have changed the world as we knew it, and multi-dimensional innovation never stops.

Frontiers of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet innovation include ever-increasing speeds and new applications for the technology. For example, in April 2013, IEEE announced the launch of an IEEE 802.3 study group to explore development of a 400 Gb/s Ethernet standard to efficiently support ever-increasing, exponential network bandwidth growth.

Fast-growing IEEE 802.3 Ethernet application areas include energy efficiency, the globally emerging smart grid, data centers and super computing, access networks, mobile-communications infrastructure, healthcare and medical-device communications, entertainment and networking for automotive and other industries. Furthermore, in both developed and developing areas of the world, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet is being deployed with infrastructure build outs to support the exploding array of applications that users rely on in their every-day lives.

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