Wednesday, May 29, 2013

iGR study analyzes all aspects of US LTE infrastructure market

USA: Global LTE deployments are progressing worldwide, and the United States is leading the way with many US operators adding new LTE markets each week.

There is still a great opportunity for growth, as US operators will continue to build out their LTE infrastructure to keep up with an increasing number of US consumers who want to take advantage of the faster mobile data speeds of LTE.

Operators must balance their network CapEx between coverage and capacity by providing sufficient coverage to be competitive and sufficient capacity for the growing subscriber base.

"The US LTE market is progressing rapidly, as operators have invested significantly in the build-out of their LTE networks," said Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR, a market research consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile industry.

"As the LTE rollout continues, it is important to understand all aspects of LTE, including the ongoing OpEx, as well as future enhancements to LTE, such as LTE Advanced and LTE Carrier Aggregation."

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