Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini talks big

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

The much awaited device offers the flagship experience of its predecessor, the Galaxy S5, in a compact design. With a host of innovative features like water & dust resistance, ultra power saving mode and heart rate monitoring, the Galaxy S5 Mini delivers a powerful performance that truly enhances your lives.

The smartphone is no longer just an electronic gadget, but a daily companion – a fashion item that expresses your personality. Recognizing this trend, Samsung has paid careful attention to each part of the design of the Galaxy S5 Mini. The soft texture coating on the back cover comes with a special gloss that gives the Galaxy S5 Mini the look and feel of metallic leather, one of the hottest materials on the fashion circuit.

Moreover, the coating not only provides a comfortable grip, but it is also anti-slip thus making it less likely to be dropped. This special material rarely picks up fingerprints and resists scratches, even from strong friction, which means that your device will always look brand new.

The luxuriousness of the Galaxy S5 Mini can also be seen on the edges of the device. The metallic-finish, bezel edges are not only shiny, but also resemble the look of elegant platinum rings. The Galaxy S5’s distinct embossed pattern also adds uniqueness to its luxurious design.

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