Monday, September 15, 2014

Smartphones growing in size – is this end for small phone stands?

UK: Apple is rumored to follow trends for larger smartphones, and reports from sites such as market research firm Jana suggest people prefer sizes of at least 5 inches, substantially bigger than most current popular models.

With smartphones now regularly being used for streaming TV and movies, using apps and chatting via video apps – all of which work far better hands-free – does that mean that gadgets for standing up those devices will inevitably have to follow suit with increasing dimensions to accommodate the larger sizes?

Meet the new Standeazy, the polymer credit card sized phone stand designed to hold not just iPhones, but also heavier or larger devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note or the Acer S520 / S2 and e-readers like the Kindle.

Manufactured in England, it still  has the same format, but has been redesigned and is now made from stronger materials. It fits into the wallet and converts smartphones into hands-free devices in a few seconds.

For those who want to use a stand for their mini tablets as well, the new Standeazy Ultra holds devices such as the iPad Mini in portrait and landscape whilst shining with a slick metal finish… all in the nifty size of a credit card.

As such, the new Standeazy remains the ideal travel stand, allowing smartphone users to watch TV or movies whilst out and about. Families find it great for entertaining the kids in those crucial moments when a bit of quiet is required.

At home, this gadget is a great companion to ease household chores by allowing you to watch TV or videos wherever you find a flat surface. Standeazy will transform your phone into a bedside clock, lets you chat hands-free with FaceTime or Skype, or use your phone for viewing tutorials, recipes and any of the many other hands-free apps.

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