Friday, September 12, 2014

Huawei showcases innovative video business solutions

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS: Huawei showcased its innovative video business solutions and shared its vision for a dynamic video ecosystem at IBC 2014 in Amsterdam.

Huawei believes that the growing demand for video traffic will be a key driver of telecom business growth, and that operators should embrace an innovative video business ecosystem to capitalize on the video traffic growth, in particular the mobile traffic growth.

The growth of video beyond television is a rising trend in the ICT industry, which motivates global operators to strategize their video business to realize digital transformation and traffic monetization. Huawei envisions a video ecosystem, where videos become integral to our lives and work and are created everywhere.
Under the trend of video and device proliferation, Huawei has developed a Video Everywhere framework, in which Huawei sees three categories of video traffic, including entertainment videos, communication videos and video creation. Under the framework, Huawei has designed innovative business models for telecom operators to provide enhanced user experience for end users.

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