Thursday, September 25, 2014

New mobile service for merchants is tailor made for customers

UK: An innovative new web and mobile app-based retail platform that enables merchants to deliver highly personalised and attractive shopping experiences to customers in-store, near store, on the move and at home to encourage their loyalty and increase sales, has been launched.

ShopKonnect provides merchants with modular and customisable business applications, including those for campaigns, loyalty, EFM, order booking/management, Point of Sale and ‘showrooming’, through integrated behaviour management and process automation tools. ShopKonnect also makes use of the latest wireless and contactless smartphone technologies, including iBeacons, NFC and QR codes, to enable merchants to engage with customers efficiently and effectively.

Requiring just Internet access and a smartphone or tablet, ShopKonnect can be used by merchants of any size and in any sector, including retailers, eateries, cafes, and health and beauty outlets.

Data provided by ShopKonnect can help merchants gain valuable insights into the behaviour of their customers, allowing merchants to measure and monitor key shopping trends that are vital to the success of their business, such as the number of people redeeming an offer, frequency of visits, purchasing habits and the effectiveness and profitability of programmes such as loyalty and individual promotions.

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