Thursday, September 18, 2014

LS telcom analyses worldwide licensing and usage of IMT spectrum

LICHTENAU, GERMANY: LS telcom announced the publication of its study about worldwide licensing and usage of IMT (international mobile telecommunications) spectrum.

LS telcom found that in most regions of the world at least 30 percent\ of harmonised spectrum for IMT services is not yet licensed. From within that which is licensed almost a quarter is not yet in service, the situation being worse for TDD spectrum than FDD spectrum.

Amongst other figures, the study finds that most countries should be able to find at least another 150 MHz of additional IMT spectrum from within that which is regionally harmonised. In addition, almost every country should be able to find a further 200 MHz of spectrum that is identified by the ITU for IMT but which may require effort to make it available (e.g. through re-farming).

The analysis also shows that the 700 MHz band still remains to be licensed in most parts of the world and that the 2600 MHz bands, which represent nearly 200 MHz of IMT spectrum, remain to be licensed virtually everywhere with the exception of Europe.

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