Thursday, July 15, 2010

LAVA launches Alpha keypad phone

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Lava International Ltd, one of the leading mobile handset brands in the country sets a new standard with its latest innovation. After months of market research and rigorous trials, Lava has succeeded in converting a consumer insight into a path-breaking innovation called Alpha keypad.This innovative key pad is neither traditional Multi-tap nor QWERTY; instead the keys are arranged in ABCD order to provide convenience for the users. The brand has come-up with anew business series handsets featuring the innovative key pad.

With this new innovation, Lava has also marked its entry into the burgeoning segment of business class phones in India. To begin with, it has introduced this unique keypad in its new B2 & B5 handsets. This is the first time that any mobile handset player has been able to offer an option to make life simple for a large segment of mobile users, who were not familiar or comfortable with QWERTY or Multi-tap keypads.

Introducing the innovative Alpha Key-pad, SN Rai, Co – Founder & Director, LAVA International Ltd, said: “Lava always endeavored to introduce consumer insight driven innovations, which make people’s life simple. Last year Lava redefined consumer expectation with the introduction of KKT and A series phones. It took months of rigorous research and consumer trials to conceptualize Alpha Key-pad. We feel Alpha key-pad would further redefine the mobile phone market in a big way.”

“A market study done in the key cities of India to understand usage pattern revealed that there is a large group of consumer who crave for a business class phones but not comfortable in using the same. A further deep dive unfolded that these consumers find the existing QWERTY key-pad cumbersome to use and would be comfortable if the keys are arranged in their known alphabetical order.”

At present, an estimated 10 percent mobile handsets sold in India belong to Business class segment with QWERTY keys. Most brands in India have QWERTY keypad phone in the market or planning to come up with. Standing tall in this crowded market, LAVA is the first handset brand which has created a new segment introducing Alpha series phones and intend to capture 10-15 percent market share within this segment. Apart from the alpha key-pad lava also has option of QWERTY key-pad phone.

The concept behind Alpha key-pad phone is to make texting and e-mailing easier and faster. India has the largest number of people using sms and the Alpha keypad will go a long way to empower a very large segment of mobile users. Another benefit is to provide a user-friendly experience to increase adoptability of full key-pad phones at faster pace.

The Alpha keypad is meant for those set of people, who are not familiar or comfortable with QWERTY key pad but aspire to have phone like this. Besides, individuals who require one-handed mobility will find this concept more helpful.

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