Saturday, July 17, 2010

Starhome and the world of managed services

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND: Starhome, the leading provider and acknowledged driving force of roaming services for mobile network operators, has been watching the proliferation of managed services and the impact the trend is having on the roaming industry.

The global economic downturn has left network operators looking for ways to reduce CAPEX and OPEX without compromising service for their subscribers. Turning to managed services is a way for operators to maintain the highest quality of service and, at the same time, reduce overhead.

In line with recent trends and to accommodate operator requirements, Starhome announced today that it is unbundling its managed service offering to allow mobile operators to select a combination of managed services most suited to their needs. Starhome is currently the only roaming solutions provider to offer managed services.

The company utilizes its high-capacity, privately held global redundant IP network to monitor global services, as well as hardware, software and roaming traffic at the operator site.

Starhome’s new services offering covers a range of managed services including;
Monitoring: An integrated worldwide monitoring system that comprises visual and graphical status display, events, alarms, analysis of CDRs and counters, weekly analysis of traffic and revenue assurance analysis reports.

Roaming Information Updates: A dedicated team and an automated solution that updates the operator’s database with essential information to maximize Starhome services.

Quality of Service (QoS) and Revenue Assurance: A dedicated team using the QoS tool, designed by Starhome, monitors the service level for every Starhome solution, including service contribution to the operator, traffic figure reports and irregular behavior patterns.

Provisioning: Fully pre-configured and updated databases for quick deployment, relieving the operator of responsibility for creating and maintaining time consuming and complex up-to-date roaming- and service-related databases.

Starhome’s VP of Customer Service and Support, Nir Zohar, explained: “Starhome’s Managed Services are the keys to providing high-value, cutting-edge services that are essential for mission-critical operations. Our managed service reduces the total cost of ownership by offering one back-office solution for several services and ensures single integration of multiple network elements and protocols, making a significant difference for our customers.”

Starhome’s exclusive Global Services Operations Centers (GSOC) routinely performs preventative maintenance to ensure optimum network conditions. Management systems monitor critical system parameters, and a database provides immediate information and backup.

Remote computers on the Starhome network can be mirrored on a local workstation to provide instant on-line maintenance, support, and software upgrades for any remote network site, as well as to facilitate remote software and hardware diagnostics.

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