Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sycamore intros unique mobile broadband optimization solution

CHELMSFORD, USA: Sycamore Networks Inc., a leader in intelligent bandwidth management solutions for fixed line and mobile network operators worldwide, has introduced the IQstream, a unique answer to the service challenges posed by rapid mobile data growth in the Radio Access Network (RAN).

The Sycamore IQstream mobile broadband optimization solution helps operators ensure a superior multimedia experience for their subscribers by dramatically reducing congestion in the access network caused by rising demand for Internet video and other rich media applications. At the same time, IQstream significantly lowers the cost of delivering mobile broadband services by freeing up capacity in the cost-sensitive RAN.

Powered by Adaptive Content OptimizationTM technology and advanced learning algorithms, the IQstream solution dynamically adapts to mobile data traffic patterns, including peak usage periods and flash events. This allows operators to cost-efficiently meet growing subscriber expectations for a high quality multimedia experience while alleviating capacity constraints in a high-cost part of their network. As a result, operators can significantly reduce operational expenses, defer costly network upgrades, and dramatically improve the economics of their mobile data offerings.

“IQstream is an innovative new initiative from Sycamore that builds upon the company’s heritage of solving complex networking problems with adaptive, real-time service intelligence,” said Daniel E. Smith, president and chief executive officer, Sycamore Networks. “IQstream leverages Sycamore’s proven networking expertise and long-standing relationships with mobile operators worldwide to address the critical challenge of RAN congestion and the attendant implications for subscriber quality of experience, service profitability, and backhaul capacity planning.”

Key benefits of the IQstream solution include:
* Superior delivery of rich media content, particularly high quality video in the RAN.
* Improved quality of experience for subscribers during peak usage periods.
* Optimal utilization of existing network infrastructure.
* Enhanced ability to serve large numbers of subscribers simultaneously accessing popular broadband content.
* Simplified mobile broadband network planning and backhaul dimensioning.

"The explosion of rich media content such as Internet video is creating massive congestion issues in mobile networks. This trend will only accelerate as end-user devices become increasingly more powerful and more and more subscribers consume new bandwidth-intensive applications," said Kevin Oye, vice president of systems and technology, Sycamore Networks.

"IQstream takes a unique approach to optimizing video and other rich media content traversing the RAN, employing sophisticated adaptive algorithms that self-tune in response to dynamic traffic behavior to ensure consistent service performance as mobile broadband usage patterns, applications, and devices evolve."

IQstream can be easily and selectively deployed at network congestion hot spots for rapid improvements in service performance and immediate operational savings. Unlike core-based optimization schemes, Sycamore’s patent-pending optimization technology directly improves utilization of existing HSPA RAN infrastructure while maintaining full transparency to 3GPP radio network protocols and operations including critical core-based functions such as billing, policy control, and lawful intercept.

IQstream will be generally available in Q4 2010.

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