Thursday, September 18, 2014

AirVR - virtual reality for iOS

TORONTO, CANADA: Metatecture announced the launch of AirVR, the first wireless VR headset for iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina and iPhone 6+.

AirVR, a revolutionary new virtual reality device from Metatecture, enables users to transform Apple products into portable and immersive VR units. By simply sliding the iPad/iPhone into the AirVR headset, users are instantly transported into an explosive VR world.

AirVR comes readily equipped with three VR applications so users can:

* PhotoVR App: Experience photos from their personal collection and around the world in a whole new dimension.

* MovieVR App: Immerse themselves in 3D/HD movies, either first-person or via a video on a virtual 3D screen.

* PanoVR App: Plunge into luscious 360degrees panoramas to relive places they've been and experience places they'll go. Full spherical panoramas will map perfectly to the virtual space, creating a realistic VR snapshot of a certain place at a certain time.

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