Monday, September 22, 2014

4 million Android users will switch to iPhone in next three months

MENLO PARK, USA: The latest research by the blog, Eric C. Gould Tech View, shows that about 4 million Android users will be dumping their devices for an iPhone in the next three months.

Numbers don't lie, and unfortunately for Google's Android phone, those numbers indicate that they are possibly losing a chunk of their market share to Apple's iPhone. Not surprisingly, many of those converts are women.

Apple has, for many years now, shown a vested interest in obtaining business from women. Women are much more than a marketing segment – they're over half of the human population. Currently, women make up 50.8 percent of the population in the US alone. Apple has seen that opportunity and answered it by including some great features.

From a smaller size (not too small, but more easily held than perhaps a bulky Nexus 5 Android phone) to apps that actually speak to the female side of things, Apple has often been the phone of choice for women. Even Siri's cute, female voice lends a bit of femininity to the phone.

That doesn't mean that no women at all have been purchasing Android phones. It's almost always been quite an even split, with one survey from 2013 putting Android and Apple usage for women neck to neck at 26 percent. But with the addition of new technologies, such as the far more user friendly iOS7, the impending iPhone 6's lighter and more streamlined construction along with a larger screen size, it's easy to see why there might be a switch in order.

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