Monday, September 22, 2014

Polatis intros 192 fibre single sided all-optical switch

ECOC 2014, CANNES, FRANCE:Polatis, the performance leader in all-optical matrix switches, announced the general availability of its new 192-fibre reconfigurable single mode optical switch, providing non-blocking SDN-enabled connectivity between any pair of fibre ports with typically just 1dB of path loss.

Conventional all-optical switches are dual-sided, making connections between a group of committed input ports on one side and a group of output ports on the other.  This design limits configurability in advanced network applications where new, flexible any-to-any port configurations can enable better network performance and more efficient use of capacity.

The 192-fibre customer-configurable (192xCC) single-sided optical switch uniquely presents fibre ports which are uncommitted to input or output groups, allowing users the flexibility to make non-blocking connections between any of the 192 fibres.   Without rigidly-defined input and output ports, the same optical switch module can be used for any combination of symmetric (NxN) and asymmetric (NxM) switch configurations.

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