Monday, September 8, 2014

European operators could save millions with better mobile payments compliance management

LONDON, UK: Europe’s mobile operators could save millions of Euros per year with better management of mobile payments compliance, claims Empello.

In the UK, a market with 80 million mobile subscribers, Empello estimates that £400,000 could be saved per year by the big four UK operators, just from the reduction in call centre costs. Across Europe, a market with a combined 1,000 million subscriptions, the savings could add up to £5 million.

“We know from direct experience that monitoring and auditing for compliance can save mobile operators significant amounts of money. By dramatically reducing contact centre costs through a reduction in complaints, operators can reduce their  mobile billing operational costs,” said Jeremy Flynn, director at Empello.

Call centre savings could be as high as £140,000 for each mobile operator each year. Empello’s figures are based on first-hand data from working with a major UK operator and there are obvious cost benefits to boosting compliance.

On top of the cost of managing complaints and disgruntled customers is the threat of regulatory fines. During the last financial year in the UK alone, the regulator, PhonepayPlus, issued a total of £2.7 million in fines.

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