Friday, September 5, 2014

Qualcomm broadens support for developers of devices and aps for IoE

SAN DIEGO, USA: Qualcomm Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros Inc., is broadening support for developers to simplify the design of products that use Wi-Fi to connect the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Qualcomm Atheros has opened worldwide distribution channels with Arrow Electronics and CODICO GmbH to streamline access to Qualcomm Atheros' low-power Wi-Fi platform, the QCA4002/4004. Qualcomm Atheros also is offering a new IoE development kit, which enables full-featured, low-power Wi-Fi in a diverse set of connected products – from light bulbs and remote controls to home automation and security systems.

As consumers, service providers and others see great value in the Internet of Everything, developers need access to the latest tools and technologies to create the devices and services for the IoE ecosystem. Qualcomm Atheros has responded with advanced Wi-Fi solutions, and a development platform that provides the tools, resources and value-added features required for this new class of IoE devices. The newest development kit includes:

* Support for the AllJoyn software framework, an open source software and services framework and collaborative open source project of the AllSeen Alliance. AllJoyn enables hardware manufacturers and software developers to create interoperable products that can discover, connect and communicate directly with other AllJoyn-enabled products.
* Hosted mode for designs that pair the QCA4002/4004 with a microcontroller (MCU).
* Cloud connect services are enabled through 2lemetry's IoT platform, ThingFabric. This includes support for secure socket layer (SSL) connections to provide secure communication between device and cloud.
* Peer-to-peer connectivity via Wi-Fi Direct.
* Green Transmit (Green Tx) to dynamically adjust output power.

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