Wednesday, September 3, 2014

1stAdvance recommends Aerohive Networks for 802.11ac

UK: 1stAdvance is pleased to announce a major new partnership with Aerohive Networks.

“We think Aerohive’s range of easy-to-deploy and manage access points make advanced Wi-Fi networks available to businesses of all sizes” says Steve Wilkinson, Technical Director – 1stAdvance. “Our customers can start with a single Access Point and linearly scale to many hundreds. This kind of ‘pay as you grow Wi-Fi’ avoids up-front investment that puts many organisations off. Growth is achieved by simply adding more Access Points to the existing infrastructure as required.”

He continued: “And, unlike controller based or cloud based controller systems – there is no central point of failure that can disable your network if there is a problem. This does not mean there is no management, just simply a decentralised, robust environment by design.”

Aerohive's Wi-Fi solutions starts with options for SOHO through to enterprise campuses, branch offices and more. What makes Aerohive compelling, apart from the low entry cost, is their cooperative control architecture that eliminates the need for controllers. This is a huge plus for busy IT managers and where budgetary constraints are concerned.

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