Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deploying cloud-based telephony applications just got cheaper

MILTON KEYNES, UK: Aculab, a leading provider of computer telephony products, is to pass infrastructure and service provision savings onto customers. Following a very positive uptake since its launch at the beginning of the month, the Aculab Cloud platform is now available for just 1¢ per minute, for both inbound and outbound voice calls.

“Because of the volume of traffic we are now handling, we are now in the position to dramatically cut the cost of the platform price per minute down to just 1¢ a minute” stated David Samuel Aculab’s sales and marketing director. “We are very pleased to be passing our cost savings on to our customers and are excited about the new opportunities this new pricing opens up to developers.”

If you don’t have a business critical requirement to install, manage and maintain your own telephony hardware or software on site, Aculab Cloud presents a means to deploy proven telephony resources without the set-up and running costs. Aculab handles all the management requirements of the Aculab Cloud telephony platform, freeing up your time and resources to focus on innovation and telephony application development. As far as you are concerned, usage simply becomes an ongoing OPEX rather than a large upfront expenditure.

Aculab Cloud comes with a comprehensive set of high-level telephony APIs, making it easier and more cost-effective for developers to build telephony applications in weeks, instead of months. Features range from international inbound and outbound PSTN service; play; record; TTS; conferencing (for up to 400 parties); transfer; DTMF; CPA; live speaker detection; answer machine detection; and many more of the essential features needed for a diverse range of solutions. If you know Python or C#, telephony is now in your toolkit.

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